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Having to make tough decisions every day that could make or break your business is part of being an entrepreneur (but should it be)? Do you ever get frustrated with the number of tasks you're faced with, the number of skills you have to learn to keep yourself afloat (as well as selling your product or service?). Do you know that feeling?

I do too because I was once you.

I bet you're ready to move on from being stressed out all the time and ready to run your business the smart way

My first online business started in 2012, I was picking, packing, playing the handyman, the marketer, the accountant and anything else that was required. It didn't last long. Only months into running my business, I had a HUGE Christmas rush, the bank account was looking healthy but my body wasn't. I was run down, my immune system was weak and bam, the icing on the cake was being rushed to hospital with TB Meningitis (cruel stuff)!

I was a one man show, without me, my business fell apart. I had to beg the doctors to let me leave earlier than I should have to get back to my son and business. Little did I know, I would be in recovery for 12 months. With no systems, no staff and no one willing to help me run the business, my beauty store had to close its virtual doors.

You want to be able to step away from your business but still have it running successfully whilst bringing in an income.

My illness didn't stop me. Once I had the energy, I was out there trying to launch my next idea. I remember marketing a hair event in an area where no one knew who I was but because of my marketing skills, radio stations were asking me for interviews, magazines were featuring me and people were buying tickets. Needless to say, the event went well.

I was learning something here; as well as my coding skills and eye for design, I wasn't bad at marketing! Who knew?

You don't need to do anything when Rose is on your team