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How To Use Iconosquare to Improve Your Instagram Account

I just want to note that this is not an affiliate post 🙂

Managing social media profiles for my business can be very hard and I need a tool that can help me create a strategic plan to meet all the goals I have set for my social media platform. In this instance, I am focusing on Instagram. I absolutely love watching other people’s profiles on Instagram but watching other people is not going to grow my account.

When I discovered Iconosquare, I did not really know how helpful is was going to be but I am so thankful that I made the investment. I’m just sad that I did not know about it sooner as I would have used it for my other business.

I am what you would call an ‘Instagram Newbie’. Ask me for business advice and I can give it to you, but social media is still a new area for me but I wanted to share my journey with you so you watch me grown and emulate my success because you will know exactly how I would have done it. I don’t buy followers, it’s all done organically so unfortunately, I will not be able to tell you how to get 10,000 followers  in 2 hours.

I started to use Instagram in January but I became consistent in February which is why I then decided to use Iconosquare because it would not have been a wasted investment. There is no point investing in Iconosquare if you are not going to use the information it provides you with to create a stronger presence on the platform.

I always say that you need to have a strategy for each social media platform. I’m going to give you a view of what you can do with iconosquare and then you can decide whether this is a tool you would like to use for your business (or not).


When you first log in, it will give you a general overview of your followers, the people you are following, the amount of times you have posted media since you joined the platform. I always take not of these figures on a weekly basis so I have my own personal note of how fast I am growing and whether my likes are increasing but my followers aren’t. So far my number of likes and followers are increasing in the upwards direction.


You are also presented with a line graph that displays how your following has grown over time. As you can see, I have seen steady growth but there was a period where my daily followers fell off track a bit. I noticed there is definitely a direction correlation between me not posting and my following. I had a couple of days this week where I did not post to review my current image strategy and rejig it a bit to see if it would make a difference.


The next thing that their analytics show you is the percentage of your followers that are engaging with your media, how much they are commenting on your media and how many likes that non followers give you. If you are looking to build a strong community, these figures here are very important. I know I want to build a community within my followers so these figures do not really leave me feeling impressed. What does this mean for me? Well I need to start creating more engaging content.

The heart shows what percentage of my followers like the media I am posting, the second box shows how many of my followers are commenting on my media and the third box shows me how many non followers like my images.

Iconosquare offers weekly and daily reports so what I tend to do is sit down one morning each week and create a strategy to address with the weekly statistics. Without these analytics, I would not have been able to assess easily how many of my followers are actually engaged.


Knowing which of my images has been rated the best allows me to emulate the success and make more images just as good, if not better. It highlights the image with the most likes and 4 runners up. We are 9 days into March (2016) and my likes this morning are set to overtake the amount of likes I had in February which is definitely a good thing. Why? Because it shows growth.

The pie chart you see below is showing how many likes are coming from followers and how many are coming from non followers. The white is coming from my non followers and the pink is coming from my followers.


We all want engagement from our social media, right? Well you can also see which media has the greatest comments. I can go back and check if it was something I said that made more people interact or simply just an engaging picture.

Again in the picture below, the pie chart shows that most likes came from non followers (white) than followers (yellow).


This is my favourite part of Iconosquare. It shows me my actual best time to post. When I discovered this, I stopped listening to anyone else who told me they knew the ultimate time to post on each social media network. I discovered that everyone’s audience is different so how can there be a blanket time to cover every single niche in each country?

The only thing is, to get these times, I had to post at random times allowing iconosquare to collect the data. This section of the analytics alone saves me a day. Why? Because now I know when to post. Instead of trying to post 100 images a day at different times to see which posts convert the most, I know exactly when to put in the effort and when not to. It turns out I only need to post around 3/4 posts a day. With this information, I can now sit down for about 2 hours and schedule my posts for the week.

The table below shows me each day and each time I have posted and how my audience interacted on each occasion. The bigger the circle, the more interaction I have received. As you can see below, the best times for me to post are grey circles and my posting habits. The black circles on the outer part of the chart are how often I post.

If I increase my postings from around 1pm onwards, Iconosquare may decide that there is another opportunity for me to post a bit later also.


My aim is to develop an engaged community so I want to know when followers are more than likely to interact with my profile. The graph shows that people are more likely to comment within the first 4 hours of me posting and I am unlikely to get any posts after that.

For psychological reasons, I am less likely to check my phone 4 hours after my last post because according to this chart, I most probably won’t get a comment. Had I not seen this graph, I would most probably be checking at every opportunity possible which can turn me into a little bit of a psychological mess.


The great thing about the analytics is that it shows you all the popular hashtags on Instsgram. Whilst I don’t advice using ALL of them due to the amount of people using them, it may be an idea to include one or two to your current list of hashtags you are using with your media in order to increase publicity.

If you have your own hashtag also, it will also analyse this to see if anyone else is using it and their name. It will also tell you how often they use it. This is actually a great tool if you want to connect with people who are helping to share your content. It could possibly be the start to a new partnership in the future.


They have two plans. Plus and Elite. The Plus plan is $4.90 a month or $28 a year or you can go for the Elite plan for $14.90 a month or $149.90 a year. The major differences between the two plans is that with the elite, you get;

  • Weekly Reports
  • Monthly Reports
  • Comment Tracker
  • Competitor Analysis
  • The option to export data


I love it! This is not an affiliate post but being a mummy of two boys with limited time, anything that is within reason (price wise) and can save me time is definitely worth it. I currently have the Elite plan on a monthly basis to see how I can use the additional features but if they eventually become of no use, I will switch to the plus and simply get the annual subscription.

I feel that Iconosquare can definitely be used by anyone but it definitely helps take out of the fear for those that are new to Instagram and need it for business. Is it a must for business? No. But if you want to spend less time analysing your account, you won’t regret the purchase.

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  1. Celeste says:

    Hi Rose,

    Love your post, thank you for sharing how to make the most out of Iconosquare. Quick question, where did you find that $28/year subscription plan? All I see is that $81/year is the lowest for the Plus plan.
    Thank you!

  2. Mark Spooner says:

    I have a small t-shirt biz and am using it to raise funds to develop an online education program. While I post regularly, I’m in the dark as to how best to approach social media marketing. I have been privy to some good information as to what tools to use, but how to use them is another story. Iconosquare is one of those tools. Your post was most helpful in understanding how to use it. I think you very much.

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