The Importance Of Visual Marketing In 2019 And Beyond

On average, we read 20 – 28% of all the text in an internet post. It’s often a thing of skipping until you get to the end. Very few times do we sit to read a long-form post that doesn’t contain any image or video. Also, when a visual is added to text, you’d remember […]

ConvertKit Review – A Look At New & Updated Features 2018

I started using ConvertKit in April 2016 and the features have drastically changed since then. While I wrote an honest ConvertKit review back in July 2016, I wanted to write a fresh review that combines not only my personal feelings about the product but also my professional expertise. After reading the review, I hope you are […]

Interact Quiz Maker – The greatest of them all

If you’re bored of offering free worksheets and e-books as opt-in’s, try this As business owners, when trying to engage with our audience, we try to be as personal as we can so that our audience can feel like they can relate to us. There are so many ways for us to get personable when we […]

My Honest Review on The Best Editorial Calendar Around

If you have read my post on content strategies, you know how important it is to have a content planner. Everybody has their way of planning content, but my question to you is, ‘Is your method working?’ [clickToTweet tweet=”Is your current editorial calendar working for you? Check out what Rose has to say” quote=”Is your […]

Why ConvertKit is My Saving Grace

I discovered ConvertKit by accident through Melyssa Griffin’s blog. I was on the hunt for information on listbuilding. I do the same thing everyone else does when they are looking for that specific purchase. This is how it normally goes when you want to make a purchase; You go online, browse the internet until you […]

How to install a WordPress Theme

I love WordPress so much. It’s what I have used to create most of my websites and those of clients also. I do know that WordPress can appear overwhelming, so I decided to start creating mini tutorials. One question I got asked recently was related to themes. I thought it would be a good idea to […]

How To Use Boardbooster To Skyrocket Your Blog Views

I have to admit, the first time I started using Pinterest, I thought it was just a matter of posting, and everything would work out for itself. At the very beginning, Pinterest was one of the platforms I gave up on because I simply did not get it. That was until I stopped thinking of […]