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Interact Quiz Maker – The greatest of them all

If you’re bored of offering free worksheets and e-books as opt-in’s, try this

As business owners, when trying to engage with our audience, we try to be as personal as we can so that our audience can feel like they can relate to us. There are so many ways for us to get personable when we first make contact with our clients. We offer freebies we believe are specific enough to our audience, we segment our email lists into interest groups as well as other things to ensure that we offer an experience as bespoke as possible.

Introducing quizzes as part of your strategy is a great way to get to know your audience and create a personable impression. You can be as fun or wacky as you want to be or a little more serious if that’s your thing.

I recently created my own quiz for a Pinterest campaign I am currently running. It is something I have been wanting to do for a long time but the amount of software companies that were offering their services was overwhelming and they simply did not interest me. The search was overwhelming and I put the idea of a quiz on the backburner.

I recently discovered a company called Interact. They help you create quizzes that can help you grow your email list. They are responsible for some of the most popular quizzes out there such as the Tony Robbins quiz ‘What is Your Business Identity?’.

Here are some examples of other Interact quizzes:

Kimberly Snyder

The great thing about quizzes is everybody loves them. The chances of a quiz getting shared compared to an infographic (which gets shared a lot). Quizzes are one of the most shared content out there and adding one to your content strategy wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Creating the quiz with interact was so easy and they made the process quite enjoyable and simple enough to go back and edit when I knew I had made mistakes.

I am going to show you the steps I took to create my quiz with Interact and how you can get started too. Depending on how many questions in your quiz and how complex your quiz is, you can get started and finished in as little as an hour.

What type of Interact quiz will you choose?

Before I got started, I needed to decide which type of quiz I was going to create. Interact allows you to choose from two different types.


This type of quiz only has one right answer. At the end, the user will get a score out of the total amount of questions you have,


This type of quiz has no wrong answers but instead, you get scored based on how many answers in a specific group you choose. Just think back to those personality type quizzes that tell you that you are a certain type of person because you chose mostly A’s, B’s or C’s.

I chose a personality type of quiz because I wanted to give people a specific result based on how they answered their questions about Pinterest. Once you have selected your quiz type, you can choose to pick an existing template or create one from scratch.

Thankfully, if you are the kind of person who likes to get started as fast as possible, they have a huge range of templates for all different types of things and you can also request a template if you don’t see one that fits your needs. All templates have example questions and images so you can see what your end result would potentially look like.

Editing your quiz template

I decided to create my template from scratch. It’s just easier for me if I do not have any distractions such as existing text and image. Once you select a blank page, you will be greeted with a page like this.

You now have the option to add your title, image, description and change the call to action button. When choosing an image, you have the choice to upload one or search pixabay right there from the popup box without having to leave the app.

Here’s an example front page I created with an image from pixabay and I edited the text, font and call to action.

Once your front page is done, with a personality quiz, you need to select your ‘personalities’. These are the potential results that people will end up with once they complete the quiz. You can have as many as you want as long as it’s not less that two. You do not want too many neither, otherwise things can get very complicated.

Editing your results

For each result, you want to edit the screen that people will see once they have finished answering the questions and it is time to get their results. If you do not want an image, that’s fine, you can take it off.

Here is an example of an edited results page

Editing your questions

The next step is to create your questions. You can add as many questions as you want and you can choose whether you will have text based answers or image answers. Not all questions have to have an image so you can change this on a question by question basis.

Once you have created your questions, you need to correlate the questions with the results. On the top right of the screen, you’ll see an option called ‘edit result correlations’. Once you have selected this, you’ll be taken to a page that looks like this:

All you have to do is click on the circle next to the answer and click on the result you want to it relate to. You will then see that it adds a correlation. You also have the option of linking two answers to one result. This is useful for answers that do not necessarily fit into one result or the other.


Once you have finished adding your questions, the fun part begins! You can then integrate your quiz with other services. Interact integrates with several email service providers so that you can automatically segment your ‘students’ depending on how they score on the quiz.

I currently use ConvertKit as my email service provider. All you have to do is click on ConvertKit, enter your API Secret and API key and then you’ll be taken to a screen like this.

Depending on how they score, you can add students of the assessment to a specific sequence. There is no option to add them to tags or forms and to be honest, I do not think it is necessary.

When you have done this, you can edit the lead capture form. You can edit the title and subtitle and you can also edit what form fields are included. By default, it’s only the email field that is included, but you can add a first name, last name and other form fields to personalise your emails to your subscribers. The text on the call to action call also be edited, the only thing is, the orange text colour can’t.


You can also track your quiz with Google Analytics and Facebook. Google Analytics will tell you how many people went through each question. The reason why this could be useful is because it will allow you to see if people are dropping off at a specific point. It can tell you a lot of about the type of questions you are asking or the length of your quiz.

Facebook will add the event ‘Quiz’ as a custom event. When you look at your Facebook Pixel dashboard, you will be able to see how many events are triggered by this custom event.

You definitely want to track your results in order to see if there any improvements to be made, and if they are, you can see where to make the improvements.

Social sharing

When people complete the quiz, they may want to share their answers with everyone else. You will have the option of allowing people to share their results with everyone else which can also invite more people to come and take your quiz. If you don’t want this on, then you can turn it off.

If you do want to keep it on, you’ll have the option of editing the message that is sent when people share the quiz and which social networks they can share the quiz on.

Publishing your quiz

Once you have completed your quiz, you can select ‘publish’ on the top right-hand side of the screen. Once selected, the quiz will be ready to go live. You have several options when it comes to distributing your quiz.


You can embed the code directly into your website which would simply involve you copying and pasting the code where you want it displayed. You can also send people to a direct url, share it directly to social media or if you use self-hosted WordPress, you can use a plugin. By far, the embed option (in my opinion) is the easiest option.

I have to say, creating my quiz was fun and I think that now I have a tool that I can trust, I will be using Interact to create more quizzes in the future as opt-in options as I think they are fun!

This was my first quiz so I do know that I will have to create a few to perfect my quiz creation process but from creating my first quiz, here are a few things that I have learnt that I want to share with you.

5 tips on creating an awesome quiz

It’s all in the headline

Create a headline that will attract your audience and want them to stop what they are doing to take the quiz. If they don’t feel compelled to take the quiz, your completion rates will be poor. Studies show that adding ‘actually’ in your title brings on the ‘challenge accepted’ mentality because people do not like to be told they do not know something.

Make sure you choose the right type of quiz for your audience

Assessment? Or Personality type test? Which one helps you meet your agenda? After making my quiz, I realised that maybe an assessment would have been better in my case. Before I made the quiz live, I tested it on a select few and this is when I realised that I should have done an assessment.

Add character to your quiz

I’m very introverted, I don’t communicate much. Character is my not my thing but I knew if people were going to sit there and so my quiz, at the very least, I should make it interesting. Make it fun for your audience otherwise they won’t complete it.

Do not overdo the options on questions or the amount of questions

If the quiz is too long or they have too many questions, you’ll find your completion rates will go do fast. Make your questions short enough that they can answer in a few seconds and your quiz length short enough that they can finish in maximum 5 minutes. To retain high completion rates, you need to engage them throughout.

Don’t forget to capture an email address

Quizzes are great list builders. You can use the quiz to help segment your subscribers into potential interest groups. At the end of the quiz, you can tell them you’ll send them their results by email. Once you’ve sent the results by email, it’s a great way to send more information about relevant products and services that your leads may love.

Advertising your quiz

There are several ways you can advertise your quiz to get people to click through to your quiz. I am currently using the following to promote my quiz:

  • Posting in facebook groups
  • I created a Pin to advertise the quiz
  • I created a facebook ad
  • I shared the pin with others in my circle
  • I shared the quiz with my email list

How can you create your own Interact Quiz?

You can get started with your own quiz right now and start building your list from only $29 a month. Each account tier also comes with a free 7-day trial which is enough for you to create a quiz, see the results and decide if it’s right for you

In conclusion

Opt-in pages for free worksheets and e-books are getting boring. If you want to grow your list, you need to be different. Create a quiz and differentiate yourself from everyone else. Quizzes seem to be under utilised by smaller companies but Interact makes it possible by providing affordable solutions.

When you create your list, you also want to segment your list into segments that make sense. Interact and ConverKit allowed me to do that. Now I can email my subscribers and send them information based on their skill set and I know my emails are going to resonate with them more now because of the quiz I created. You need interact to help you step up your email marketing game.

I can now interact with my quiz takers and I am more likely to turn them into paying clients, thanks to my quiz!

You can see an example of my quiz below and then Start your free 7-day trial.

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  1. Monica says:

    Thank you for this tutorial! It really helps me understand details about Interact! I was going to try Interact and found your article. Thanks again, Rose!

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