Promoted Pins Case Study: Infoproduct

Type of Business Infoproduct Niche Online Marketing Product Value Free Lead Magnet Goal The client wanted to generate leads for their business in order to nurture them via an email sequence to attend their webinar and purchase their $997 course. Summary Marketer wanted to diversify traffic with Pinterest Ads in order to increase brand awareness […]

Organic Pinterest Case Study: eCommerce

Type of Business E-Commerce Niche Pets Product Value $7 to $50 Goal To strategically use Pinterest to increase sales to the eCommerce store. Summary This client was already using Pinterest to drive traffic to their website, but they wanted to use Pinterest more strategically to help increase sales to their online store. How We Helped […]

Facebook Ads Case Study: Tax Refund Specialist

Type of Business Tax Refund Specialists Niche Accounting & Finance Product Value From £25 to £3000 Goal To generate more leads for their business so that they can recover more tax refunds. Summary This firm contacted me because they wanted to generate more leads for their business. Things were a little slow and they wanted […]

Facebook Ads Case Study: NLP Coach & Trainer

Type of Business Coaching Business Niche Personal Development Product Value $27 offer upon signing up for free challenge and $3500 certification program. Goal To launch a new certification program and increase brand awareness of certification using Facebook Ads. Summary This coach was launching a new certification and wanted to invite people to a webinar to […]

Facebook Ads Case Study: Influencer

Type of Business Influencer Niche Personal Development/Faith Product Value $17 & $27 Goal To promote a new journal to warm and cold audiences. Summary This client was already a huge influencer in multi-level marketing. They had a very strong follower base that was built up using organic social media strategies. The goal of the campaign […]

Facebook Ads Case Study: eCommerce

Type of Business E-Commerce store selling modern day diaper bags to expectant mothers and moms of newborns. Niche Parenting/Baby/Fashion Product Value $27 – $250 Goal To leverage Facebook Ads to increase reach and revenue. Summary We had the opportunity to work with a high end e-commerce store selling diaper bags to modern day moms. Their […]