Facebook Ads Case Study: Tax Refund Specialist

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Type of Business

Tax Refund Specialists


Accounting & Finance

Product Value

From £25 to £3000


To generate more leads for their business so that they can recover more tax refunds.


This firm contacted me because they wanted to generate more leads for their business. Things were a little slow and they wanted to know how they can leverage Facebook ads to drive more leads into their business.

They had tried Facebook ads in the past and they were not sure what they were doing and needed an expert to help them understand how to use Facebook ads to drive more leads so that they could increase their income in their business.

How We Helped

The first things I needed to understand before running Facebook ads was;

  • Who their ideal customer was
  • How much they were prepared to spend on Facebook Ads
  • How much they needed to acquire a customer (this is not the same as how much they want to spend).
  • What budget was required in order to meet their financial goals.

Once I was able to gather this information, the next things that I needed to do was create a strategy that the business could use to bring in leads all year round.

Once the strategy was approved by the clients, the next step was to get to work and create the following assets;

  • Create a lead generation funnel for the business
  • Create the copy for the ads
  • Design the ads
  • Turn on the ads and get to work


Campaign Period

6 Months

Total Ad Spend


Revenue Generated

£15,335.85 (minus revenue still due to be collected)

Total Number of Clients


Cost Per Lead


Average Revenue Per Customer




The best part about this is the fact that the client now has a list of people to contact next tax year for refunds.

This means that the clients that they have collected during this campaign can now form recurring income without an additional cost.

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