Organic Pinterest Case Study: eCommerce

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Type of Business




Product Value

$7 to $50


To strategically use Pinterest to increase sales to the eCommerce store.


This client was already using Pinterest to drive traffic to their website, but they wanted to use Pinterest more strategically to help increase sales to their online store.

How We Helped

The very first thing that we wanted to do was complete an audit on this clients account. We wanted to know what was currently working and what was currently not working.

What helped this client was the fact that she had a great content strategy.

We had the opportunity to send prospects to educate users on the benefits of products and how to use the product.

Organically, the client was generating most of her sales from users who were driven to blog posts vs sales pages.

We helped create a strategy that helped promote the highest converting pages more frequently and consistently.

This involved;

  • Creating new Pinterest images
  • Optimizing the pinning strategy
  • Completing keyword research to find hidden opportunities to capture a new audience


Campaign Period

1 Month (ongoing organic management, but this case study covers a 1 month period)

Total Ad Spend

$0 (Organic Traffic)

Revenue Generated


Total Purchases


Cost Per Lead


Average Revenue Per Customer




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