Facebook Ads Case Study: NLP Coach & Trainer

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Type of Business

Coaching Business


Personal Development

Product Value

$27 offer upon signing up for free challenge and $3500 certification program.


To launch a new certification program and increase brand awareness of certification using Facebook Ads.


This coach was launching a new certification and wanted to invite people to a webinar to invite them to a webinar to educate them on this new opportunity.

How We Helped

When the coach approached me to help, I recommended that we create a 5 day challenge to warm up the audience and offer a small upsell on the thank you page. By doing this, we helped her upsell pay for the ad spend.

This strategy was to help generate leads and help identify the buyers that may be more likely to purchase.

On the 5th day of the challenge, participants were invited to a webinar where they were pitched the new opportunity.

The coach had a very engaged audience and knew what they would want to hear. Whilst we supported her with creative guidance, we asked her to take the lead on writing the copy.

We gave her a few prompts whilst she used her creative juices to write the copy for all the ads.


Campaign Period

2 Months

Total Ad Spend


Revenue Generated


Total Purchases


Cost Per Purchase


Average Revenue Per Customer




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Certified Digital Marketers

When you work with our team, you are investing in a team that invests heavily in continued learning, to ensure that we offer you nothing but the best expertise in knowledge and customer service.

We are certified in media buying, analytics and digital marketing strategy which helps put us above the rest!

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