Facebook Ads Case Study: Influencer

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Type of Business



Personal Development/Faith

Product Value

$17 & $27


To promote a new journal to warm and cold audiences.


This client was already a huge influencer in multi-level marketing. They had a very strong follower base that was built up using organic social media strategies.

The goal of the campaign was to promote the new journal to increase sales numbers on launch of the new journal.

How We Helped

We teamed up with their social media team to create a brand awareness campaign to create a strategy that involved warming up the audience prior to launch.

On the day of the launch, we drove traffic to a Facebook live that was presented to her audience.

We ran traffic to a Facebook live as well as campaigns directly to the sales page and within a short amount of the, the results were phenomenal!


Campaign Period

1 Month

Total Ad Spend


Revenue Generated


Total Purchases


Cost Per Purchase


Average Revenue Per Customer




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Certified Digital Marketers

When you work with our team, you are investing in a team that invests heavily in continued learning, to ensure that we offer you nothing but the best expertise in knowledge and customer service.

We are certified in media buying, analytics and digital marketing strategy which helps put us above the rest!

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