Facebook Ads Case Study: eCommerce

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Type of Business

E-Commerce store selling modern day diaper bags to expectant mothers and moms of newborns.



Product Value

$27 – $250


To leverage Facebook Ads to increase reach and revenue.


We had the opportunity to work with a high end e-commerce store selling diaper bags to modern day moms. Their messaging was using and they had a unique message to share with the world.

They came to me when they needed a company that was able to help them share their message with the right audience to help educate people on who they and and what they stand for, whilst also generating revenue.

How We Helped

We had to conduct thorough research on past campaigns to review what was working and what was not working. The effectiveness of ads can change overtime meaning what worked previously will not necessarily work in the future.

We conducted fresh research on audiences, competitors and we also reviewed her organic social media to discover what kind of content that her audience was responding to positively.

What you have to remember is that a successful marketing campaign requires you to focus on the WHOLE customer journey. This means that you are not only targeting customers who are ready to buy, but you are assigning some of your ad budget to targeting customers before they are ready to buy.

We then dug into her Shopify account to see what products were doing exceptionally well. We will use these as our low hanging fruit.

We decided to go after four types of people;

  1. A Cold audience (an audiences that have not necessarily engaged with her business before)
  2. An engaged audience (people who have engaged with their social media accounts)
  3. People who have visited their website and added items to the cart but did not complete their purchase.
  4. People who have purchased from her store before.

Each audience will require a different message. We had a very important job of ensuring that we craft copy that meets the audience where they are in the buyer’s journey.

It was important for us to do a deep study on what people were saying about her brand and what their desires were. Were we answering their objections, were we demonstrating that we could meet their desires?

Whilst also creating copy, we also had to create graphics that capture the audience’s attention. Our client was selling physical products so it was important for us to demonstrate to people what the product looks like in action.


Campaign Period

3 Months

Total Ad Spend


Revenue Generated


Total Purchases


Cost Per Lead


Average Revenue Per Customer




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Certified Digital Marketers

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We are certified in media buying, analytics and digital marketing strategy which helps put us above the rest!

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