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How To Use Boardbooster To Skyrocket Your Blog Views

I have to admit, the first time I started using Pinterest, I thought it was just a matter of posting, and everything would work out for itself. At the very beginning, Pinterest was one of the platforms I gave up on because I simply did not get it. That was until I stopped thinking of Pinterest as a social media platform and more of a search engine; and most importantly until I met BoardBooster.

Why I use BoardBooster

BoardBooster was first introduced to me by Melyssa Griffin. When I initially saw it, I didn’t like the look of it. I had a bad habit of judging things based on how they look. That’s until I realised how powerful the tool was. I am one person running more than one business, and I am a mum. I can only do so much productively in a day. I love Pinterest, but the biggest problem is I spend too much time on it. I needed something that allowed me to post relevant content on my boards so I can use my time where it was needed the most. I got bored of lying to myself and telling myself I will be five minutes when in reality I am on there for five hours. My time is so limited that I have to be productive and efficient.

I am going to show you how  I used boardbooster to take my Pinterest stats from looking like this on March 16th, 2016 with 61 followers;

Preview before using boardbooster

To this on June 19th, 2016 with 429 to;

Boardbooster Progress after implementation

My figures do fluctuate from time to time, and I have noticed a direct correlation between the number of times I post and the number of page views. Let me tell you now; I haven’t even started using Pinterest properly, but I can assure you that I am expecting better results once I do. I am sure you can get these results if not better by using Boardbooster.

BoardBooster has three pinning tools;

  • Scheduler – This allows you to schedule posts within a given timeframe
  • Campaigns – This allows you to choose specific pins to distribute across different boards
  • Looping – The continuous distribution of pins across specific boards.

It also has two maintenance tools;

  • Pin Mover – Allows you to move pins across boards
  • Pin Doctor – It allows you to check which of your pins have broken links and get rid of them.

I will go through each function individually so that you get a full understanding of how it works, and I will show you how I use it too.


The campaign tool has to be the best discovery by far and to be honest; I’m surprised I only discovered it recently. I feel like this is the tool that bloggers are deliberately missing out when they talk about BoardBooster. The campaign tool is as it sounds. It allows you to run specific campaigns and distribute the campaign across several boards. I use campaigns specifically for posts related to my website. Some group boards state that for every pin of yours that you post, you must pin three third party pins. I use the scheduler for my general pins and campaigns specifically for my pins and ensure I post the right amount in each group board.

BoardBooster Pinning CampaignThe image shows a preview of what the Campaign screen looks like. It allows you to select which board you want the campaign to run from. You can choose more than one board or specific pins.

In my case, I wanted to increase exposure of my website so I chose only my site specific board as the source board.  I then had to select the boards that I wanted to repin my content to. I picked 6 group boards.

I made sure I checked all the group rules before pinning my pins. It is important that you ensure that you are not spamming any group boards with your pins, and you only pin the maximum allowed amount of your pins.

I then had to choose the days and times I wanted my pins to be posted. BoardBooster will then ensure that your pins are posted between the allocated times.

You can also choose whether the campaign should only repin tall pins or all types of pins on the board. I have selected all as there are no square pins on my board.

You can also pause a campaign within this screen. I have been doing this for just under one week, and my interaction has increased, and I saw a difference in 12 hours. Since starting the campaign, I have had 258 pins pinned across these boards, and 143 total repins and 35 total likes! No bad, right? I was not getting this result with the scheduler only.

Boardbooster campiagn results


The scheduler allows you to schedule pins across all your boards. Secret boards are made for each public boards (including group boards). You then fill the secret boards with pins and it will feed the correlating public boards with these pins. Here is an example of four board where I have scheduled a certain amount of pins per day.

Boardbooster scheduler pinning tool

If it has a green tick next to it, it means the feeder board has enough feeds. If it has an orange circle with an exclamation mark, it means that there are not enough pins to feed the required public board. This means I have to top up the relevant feed board.

BoardBooster Pin Scheduling

As you can see from my settings above, I have requested that BoardBooster post for me ten times a day between the hours of 7 am and 11.45pm. I will show you how I got to that period shortly. I selected the basic time settings which mean that it will post at the same time every day. If you want it to pin at different times on certain days, you can toggle the time settings to advanced. With this, you can add varied pinning schedules.

I then chose the corresponding source board. This is the board that will contain the pins that I would like feed to the public board. So far so good, right? Once the scheduler has shown all the pins available in the feeder board, you can also choose what to do the with pins after. Do you want to delete the pins off the source board or keep the pins so that the process can be started again automatically?

I chose to keep the pins on the source board because not everyone would have seen the pins the first time. People use Pinterest at different periods of the day so repinning the same pins is a sure way to increase chances of exposure.

Pin Sourcing

This allows you to source pins if you need an extra hand in filling up your secret boards with the correct content. You can source pins for your board in two different ways.

Board Monitor

Board monitor monitors your boards and choose the pins with the highest number of repins and repin to your own designated secret board. You can then allow BoardBooster to automatically pin the content to your public board. You also have the option to manually post the pin so that you can check the pin is actually relevant to your board and edit the description. This is not free, it also costs a penny per pin and this is whether you use the pin or not.

Search Agent

The search agent works in a similar way to the board monitor. Instead of searching your group boards, it will search Pinterest for relevant pins, using the given keywords. You can choose more than on keyword and this is a penny per pin also.


Looping allows you to repin old content which in turn increases exposure to older pins. The brilliant thing about looping is that you can set it up so that it deletes duplicate pins. You can set the conditions of the deletion so that you don’t remove pins that you would have otherwise kept on the board.

boardbooster looping settings

Pin Mover

If you have a board with a lot of pins, and you feel it’s time to separate the pins into different boards; pin mover can help with this. I suggest you create the new board first if you decide to use the tool to move pins to the brand new board.

Board Booster Pin Mover

All you have to do is

  1. Select the boards you want BoardBooster to search
  2. Select whether you want pin mover to include or exclude recent pins. You may want to skin recent pins because they are new. If they are new, they would not have had enough time to gain likes and repins, so you want to leave them some time to generate pins and likes.
  3. You then choose which type of pin you would like to move to the new board. You can select pins based on the keywords, the number of repins, domain name, or whether there is a duplicate pin in the current board.
  4. You then need to decide whether to include to exclude duplicate content in this new board.
  5. You then need to determine whether the new pins will be moved to a public board or private board.
  6. You then select the new designated board.

Pin Doctor

Pin Doctor is a very useful tool used to clean up your boards. It scans all your posts for common problems including duplicate content and pins with broken links. To sort through your pins, pin doctor will cost you a penny per pin. You do not have to clean all pins at once. You can clean specific boards or a certain number of pins and do more later.

Pin Doctor is handy if you have boards with a few hundred pins and simply do not have the time to go through your pins manually. This is a service that I have not used as yet, but I do plan to use this and test it out. I will update the post once I do get a chanc to try it out.

Boardbooster Pin Doctor

Best Time To Post

When showing you how to use scheduling and posting. You may have remembered that I pin between 7 am and 11.45pm. This is the prime time for me to get my pins in front of more people. Not only does BoardBooster provide you with the tools to grow your audience and increase expore, but they offer analytics tools.

From my personal report from BoardBooster, it was evident that there is no need for me to post between 12 am and 7 am as no one sees my pins. It’s either that or I have not posted at these times so BoardBooster has no data to collect. I also noticed that although my reach dropped after 9 pm, it seemed to pick back up again and around 12 am. So I moved my pinning cycle from 8am to 10 pm to 7am to 11.45pm.

boardbooster best time to post

I then wanted to know if there was a difference between my pin views on weekends and weekdays. It turns out that Saturday morning is a very good time for me to post. On weekdays around 9 pm is the best time for me to post. Although I used BoardBooster, I do like to visit Pinterest myself, and if I am to do this, I know what times would produce maximum results.

boardbooster best time to post on the weekends

Pinterest Followers Growth

This is my growth since I started using BoardBooster. Overall, I have had steady results and considering I was not using the tool effectively in March/April; I feel that I have made superb progress.

Board Booster Followers Growth

BoardBooster Pricing

For what it does, BoardBooster is a steal. It costs only a penny per pin. You also get a free trial with your first 100 pins free. I thought I wouldn’t use it after the trial, but it sheds hours off my week, while producing greater results. I am currently on the $20 a month plan and am considering going up to the $30 a month plan.

You do not have to start off with the highest plan. You can start off with the lowest plan. If you feel that you will need to upgrade mid-month, you can do so at any time. They also make it easy for you to downgrade too, so you are not stuck on a high plan.

boardbooster pricing

Even if you just want to trial it out, what have you got to lose? I have told you everything you have to gain so get it! Check out the BoardBooster website by clicking here.

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  1. […] – I use Boardbooster (you can read my thoughts on boardbooster here). This is a paid service, but for what it costs, you get a […]

  2. Emma Lenhart says:

    Awesome, AWESOME post! SO helpful to me. I’ve never used the Campaign tool before!

    • Rose Guthrie says:

      Definitely give it a shot. You will see the difference quickly! Thank you so much for the compliment 🙂

  3. Emma Lenhart says:

    Awesome, AWESOME post! SO helpful to me. I’ve never used the Campaign tool before!

    • Rose Guthrie says:

      Definitely give it a shot. You will see the difference quickly! Thank you so much for the compliment 🙂

  4. […] There are several social media management tools out there, but I prefer to use something that is specific to Pinterest. The two that I highly recommend are Tailwind and BoardBooster. If you want to find out more about BoardBooster, you can find out more by reading my blog post about how BoardBooster helped me increase my page views. […]

  5. […] There are several social media management tools out there, but I prefer to use something that is specific to Pinterest. The two that I highly recommend are Tailwind and BoardBooster. If you want to find out more about BoardBooster, you can find out more by reading my blog post about how BoardBooster helped me increase my page views. […]

  6. Pinterest Expert Anna Bennett says:

    Pinterest has confirmed that they have banned Board Booster.

    • Rose says:

      Hi Anna,

      I’m so glad to have you here on my blog! Thank you for reminding me to update this blog post. I have not used BoardBooster for 1+ years now!

  7. Thank you so much for this info! Every time I try to research Pinterest I am met with the same beginner information like how to set up boards and “it’s a search engine, not social media”…yes, I know! I quit Pinterest for a while because I couldn’t figure out Boardbooster and couldn’t find tutorials or anything anywhere – finally I found your article! This helps so much, THANK YOU!! <3

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