Analytics Insights

What does your data tell you about your marketing efforts?
Start Tracking The Right Data To Help Your Make Better Marketing Decisions.

We help you set up and/or optimize specific tools so that you can accurately measure the performance of your marketing campaigns, collect the right data to optimize your campaign properly and measure ROI more accurately.


If you are having problems tracking how well your campaigns are doing, it is because of 1 of 2 things….

  1. You have not set up the right tracking tools that aid in tracking specific data (i.e. Pixels, Google Analytics); OR
  2. You have not optimized the tools that you currently have to track all the data that you need to measure returns.


When this happens, you tend to guess what is working and what is not working which can often lead to really bad business decisions.

You rely on data to see which platforms are bringing in the most returns, which campaigns are underperforming, which landing pages are causing the most friction etc. This is the data that helps you optimize campaigns and without it, you can not scale.

So our job is to see what opportunities there are in your current setup and see what tracking tools that we can implement for you. If you have nothing set up, I will do that for you so that you can make smarter marketing decisions going forward.

We begin by having a conversation with you to understand your current situation, your needs and wants. Once we have a better understanding of your current business position, we can then create a plan of attack. Once the plan has been created, we present this plan to you and begin implementing once agreed.

We Will Help You Install/Optimize...

Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps you analyze your audience and assess the performance of your content. There is so much more to Google Analytics that installing a tracking pixel.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is an excellent way to manage tags that have been installed on your website. You can also setup advanced tags to help collect very specific data.

Google Data Studio

Google Data is a free tool that can easily give reporting tools a run for their money. You can measure a magnitude of things and output that data into an easy to read report.

Wicked Reports

If you are selling digital or physical goods and you are using multiple platforms to fill your funnel, it’s important to understand which campaigns and platforms are brining in the ROI.

This attribution tool will help you understand which campaigns are actually responsible for ROI.


Many businesses neglect user experience issues and user experience issues can be the difference between sales and no sales. HotJar helps you collect qualitative data.

You can better understand how users navigate your landing pages and spot opportunities for improvement to increase conversaion rates.

Facebook Pixel & Pinterest Tag

The Facebook Pixel can often be installed incorrectly, causing reporting issues and inaccurate reporting. 

As a Facebook Partner, I have been trained to troubleshoot errors and install the pixel properly so that you are always reporting the right data. I can do the same thing for Pinterest.


This service is for you if…

  • If your business is growing but you have not been tracking anything at all (i.e. website visitors, traffic growth, funnel/website conversion rates etc)
  • If you have tracking tools installed but you are not sure that you are using them properly.
  • If you know that you need to track specific metrics but you are unsure of what tools that you need to track them

Let's Discuss Your Analytics Needs

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