Acuity Certified Services

Streamline your booking process with a world class scheduler

There comes a point in your business where you blow up (in a great way) but with the more money you earn, the less time you have to get things right.

  • You have less time to figure out new solutions to your new problems
  • You have less time to complete the admin tasks that are probably now overdue
  • Then you start slipping and missing appointments because you’re too overwhelmed to stay on top of your calendar.

You know you need to do better because your current solution is not working for you but you’re not quite sure where to begin.

Things are even more complicated if you work with international clients. Dealing with multiple timezones become cumbersome and you start missing appointments because you ended up forgetting that time went forwards (or backwards).

These little tasks such as booking appointments are taking up too much if your time and you need to find a better way.

Does this sound like you?

If so, you need Acuity in your life.

Here's Why You Should Allow Us To Set It Up For You...

Acuity Certified Experts

Our chief tech office is an Acuity Certified Expert who has developed an advanced understanding of the platform after using it for several years.

Time vs. Money Payoff

There comes a time in your business where it is more cost effective to hire an expert to complete tasks for you that waste time ‘trying’ to complete it yourself.

We Are Also Strategists

If you have no idea how to make ‘it’ all work in your business, we can help you maximise how you use Acuity in your business. It’s not just tech we do!

What Does Your Acuity Packages Include?

We will have a consultation to discuss your marketing needs and how Acuity fits into your current system.

We will add all your appointments into the Acuity platform so that people can book appointments automatically whilst you sleep.

Acuity integrates with almost everything, so if you need to connect it with a payment provider, email service provider, invoicing system or anything else, we will sort it out for you.

We will design your Acuity forms so that it matches with your branding. We’ll change colors, fonts, add images or anything else that we can do to ensure that your calendar stays on brand.

Once we have created all the appointments, integrations and customizations, we will embed the calendar into your website to provide your customers with a seamless booking experience.

We’ll test everything before you go live and we’re on standby to be on hand incase you need us.

Let's Chat About Implementing Acuity in Your Business

Schedule a call and let's talk about how Rosie Does Digital can help you streamline your appointment booking process with Acuity.