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6 Tips on Taking Better Photos For Your Blog


There are so many talented bloggers out there and I have so much to learn from many. Today I bring you a guest post from the amazing Delia of Delia in a Nutshell who is going to be sharing with you some of her photography tips. I sure am no photographer because it all seems overwhelming but Delia breaks it down into 6 simple steps…

There are so many bloggers out there. Food bloggers, business bloggers, mom bloggers, sometimes all three at once. Yes, I know your struggles, little blogger. You want to have readers; you want to help people, you want to get your own audience that starts loving and appreciating the work you do, maybe you even want to make some extra money.

Blogging comes with so many different types of challenges. One of the biggest ones? Photography. Unless you are blogging about something very simple that wouldn’t need much graphics, having very good photographs on your blog is going to make the world of a difference with your traffic, the way your blog is viewed by your readers, the feedback you get from them. I guess we can call it a game changer!

But what do you do when you are insecure about your photography skills? Or when you don’t have a fancy or expensive camera to cover you and make up for you non-talented hands? Do you hire your own photographer? Do you take a class? Do you give up on blogging? I would say NO to all of those!

Let me teach you a few of my favourite tricks and share with you the things that I do to get the most out of my available tools, to get the best possible blog pictures.


I have a semi-professional Canon camera, which takes pretty awesome pictures, I won’t lie about it. But I truly believe that you don’t necessarily need that to take good pictures. If you have the money, then I would totally invest in one because it makes your life a lot easier. That being said, you can even take good pictures with your iPhone, or with your not so professional camera. The important thing that you need to remember is that you will need to put a little bit more effort into lighting and staging if you don’t have a good camera. And by ‘good’ camera, I mean one that lets you change the settings according to your environment or one that may have a very good lenses and zoom.


I cannot stress enough how important setting is for me. By this, I mean the way you stage your pictures to make them as interesting and appealing as possible. This applies regardless of what you are photographing: nature, your DIY project, food, a portrait, “stock photo” style pictures for your business. Think about creative ways to shoot your item.

if you’re photographing food: scatter around ingredients on a neutral-color table, so you can make your food pop up, not your background

Taking Better Photographs for Your blog

Portraits and people: choose a nice background that will do half of the work for you a non-crowded place, preferably with greenery or a nice focus point like a river or a graffiti wall or anything that will bring interest to the portrait. Find some objects for the person to hold like colorful flowers, fruits or animals.

for business related pictures: the use of a black or white background can be very helpful as well. Gather around pen holders, office supplies, nice looking notebooks and arrange them so they can look neat. Take close ups and use different angles until you find one that looks good. Even if you are not an expert at taking pictures, sometimes all it takes is experimenting more. DIY projects or pictures to promote your business. I would recommend buying a big piece of white or pastel fabric and stretch it so you can have a nice base and background for your item. This way you will showcase only your item. Of course, adding decorations around is always an option.


I am not a professional photographer, but if you ask one they will tell you the same thing: lighting can make the biggest difference when you are taking your pictures. There are a few things that are important to remember when we talk about lighting

Open space (natural lighting) If you’re trying to take pictures of food or of certain projects that have a lot of detailing like I do on my blog, you’re going to want to go in an open space, like your balcony or your yard if you have one, during day time, but not a place where the sun hits directly because it will make it harder to find the perfect angle to take your picture. I usually wait for the afternoon sun, when there’s still tonnes of good light, but no sun to reflect in your camera or to cast shadows on whatever you are photographing

Artificial lighting. There are a couple of artificial lighting options: incandescent, fluorescent, LED, studio strobe. You can read more about them here. To be honest, I much prefer natural lighting, especially when you are either a beginner or not very good at taking pictures. The biggest advice that I can give if you do choose artificial lighting is to turn off your flash.

How To Take Better Photographs for your Blog

Picture illustrating bad vs good lighting (


A lot of the times, crowding up the picture with too much decor can have the opposite effect and end up looking bad and unprofessional. If you are a beginner, try starting out simple and adding new elements to your picture as you go.


Framing means adjusting the angle of your camera so that your picture turns out nice and straight, with whatever it is that you want to photograph in the center. Sometimes you will want your subject to be in one side of your frame and not the center, but this only depends on how you want to take your picture and what story you want it to show. You know how when you ask someone to take a picture of you, and they are really bad at it you will only end up with your head and the sky in the picture? Well, that’s why learning about framing is useful. I found an extensive article on this subject here.


This is the last step I take before I upload any pictures to my blog. You do not have to be an expert to make small editing changes that look really good on your pictures. I know a lot of people use Adobe programs for editing pictures, but as a beginner blogger, I don’t have enough money for those monthly fees. So what I use is Photoscape. It’s free, and it’s not overwhelming at all like Photoshop can be. Of course, it has some limited options, but the basics are there: change the contrast of your pictures, crop, make a collage, include a watermark sign and all that useful jazz. You can download it for free here and use it as much as you want! Of course, there is a lot more software offering the same things or more. You can take a look at this list and see if any of them are a match for you!

Taking Better Photographs for Your blog


The picture above shows how something as small as changing the contrast can give you different styles for your pictures


With all these tips in mind, my most valued advice would be to experiment! Take your camera, take whatever décor you might have and start taking pictures! As often as you can, as many as you can, until you find the right way to do it. Look for more tips, tricks and advice online, but always practice your skills, no matter how new you are to photography or no matter how bad you are at it!

Nobody was ever born knowing how to take pictures, we all learned little by little. So don’t get discouraged by all the nice pictures you see on other people’s blogs, because this is your journey. Don’t compare somebody else’s middle with your beginning J

I hope all of my tips were useful to you. What techniques are you currently using to make your photographs more original?








My name is Delia, and I love to cook, teach, create and talk (sometimes too much). I am always eager to learn more and make it my absolute purpose in life to be a better person and to leave a deep print in the world after I’m gone. In real life, I am a God lover, a part-time professional cook and a full-time mama of Eva. I am also a future wife, a daughter, a sister and a best friend.My goal is to inspire and make people happy, but also connect with you all, for a more fulfilled life. 

You can connect with Delia on FacebookInstagramPinterest  and Twitter   

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  1. J. Mackinnon says:

    Really great tips in this article, thanks for sharing. I am glad to hear you don’t need a pricey camera, but to use the one you do have-well. From “the tribe!” 🙂

    • Rose Guthrie says:

      You certainly do not need a professional camera. I have one and I can’t even tell you the last time I used it.

  2. J. Mackinnon says:

    Really great tips in this article, thanks for sharing. I am glad to hear you don’t need a pricey camera, but to use the one you do have-well. From “the tribe!” 🙂

    • Rose Guthrie says:

      You certainly do not need a professional camera. I have one and I can’t even tell you the last time I used it.

  3. Estie says:

    Hi Rose these are great actionable tips that I can actually get right! Thanks you for sharing.

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