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There are many moving parts to a successful digital marketing strategy. If you're looking for a dream team to help you manage every aspect of your digital marketing (the strategy, implementation & tech), then Rosie Does Digital is ready to take on your project.


We create strategic ads to help create brand awareness, increase leads and help you generate more sales!


Build up a fanbase of organic prospects by create engaging content that speaks to your ideal prospects.


Create a list of segmented leads, allowing you to sell multiple products and services to the right prospects!



Need to give your digital strategy a makeover? We'll assess, analyze and revamp your whole online look!


We design, build and manage your sales funnel. We are responsible for strategy, graphics, copy & all!


Have the right systems and automations to support your marketing strategy without worrying about things breaking.



We dive deep into where your business is now and where you need to be in order to meet business goals. We develop a robust strategy to help you claim a strong presence in your industry online.


We begin creating original content specifically for your business to draw in the customers who are looking for you. We continue to research what works and what doesn't work until we discover the winning recipe.


Once we find the winning recipe, it's time to 10X  our growth. We can now maximise our reach to target as many people as possible so that we can increase the number of opportunities available for your business.


What Does GDPR Mean for Marketers?

What One Marketer Is Doing To Prepare for The ‘GDPR' Madness The GDPR is the current buzzword and I am sure many international businesses are currently feeling a lot of frustration towards the Europeans for implementing such a regulation. Having said that, this is something that will affect a lot of businesses globally whether you […]

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ContentCal: A Social Media Content Calendar for Everyone’s Toolkit

Today, there are so many tools that can do everything and it makes it very confusing for those of us who like simplicity. Being a Digital Marketer, a social media content calendar is something I rely heavily on for myself as well as my clients. Without a calendar or any sort of order, my plans […]

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Interact Quiz Maker – The greatest of them all

If you're bored of offering free worksheets and e-books as opt-in's, try this As business owners, when trying to engage with our audience, we try to be as personal as we can so that our audience can feel like they can relate to us. There are so many ways for us to get personable when we […]

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The Complete Beginners Guide On Using Pinterest for Business

In 2017, if you’re not making use of visuals in your marketing strategy, then you’re going to struggle to catch the attention of your ideal client. I have been using Pinterest actively for just under a year, and the wonders it has done for my business are breathtaking. At the end of 2016, I met […]

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6 Tips on Taking Better Photos For Your Blog

  There are so many talented bloggers out there and I have so much to learn from many. Today I bring you a guest post from the amazing Delia of Delia in a Nutshell who is going to be sharing with you some of her photography tips. I sure am no photographer because it all seems […]

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My Honest Review on The Best Editorial Calendar Around

If you have read my post on content strategies, you know how important it is to have a content planner. Everybody has their way of planning content, but my question to you is, ‘Is your method working?’ You can record your content plan in several different ways, some including a paper planner, Excel (which I […]

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What is SEO? A Guide For Beginners

  I'm a total geek; I admit it. SEO to me is like chocolate to you. I love it and the more I learn, the more the love deepens. I thought it would be a good idea to cover what you need to know to excel at SEO and start gaining free search engine traffic […]

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Why ConvertKit is My Saving Grace

I discovered ConvertKit by accident through Melyssa Griffin's blog. I was on the hunt for information on listbuilding. I do the same thing everyone else does when they are looking for that specific purchase. This is how it normally goes when you want to make a purchase; You go online, browse the internet until you […]

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How To Create An Awesome Content Strategy

We have six months left of the year, and I want everyone to jump on my train for the journey to success. I want us all to finish 2016 on a high and continue success in 2017.  It's not going to be an easy ride, but with my content strategy tips, I would like to […]

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How to Prepare Your Business Incase of An Incident

Okay, this is a conversation that not many people want to have, but it has to happen, and I want to be the one to discuss it with you. It's not a comfortable thing to think about, let alone write about but I believe in stepping outside of my comfort zone. Life is uncertain. Anything […]

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How to install a WordPress Theme

I love WordPress so much. It's what I have used to create most of my websites and those of clients also. I do know that WordPress can appear overwhelming, so I decided to start creating mini tutorials. One question I got asked recently was related to themes. I thought it would be a good idea to […]

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How To Use Boardbooster To Skyrocket Your Blog Views

I have to admit, the first time I started using Pinterest, I thought it was just a matter of posting, and everything would work out for itself. At the very beginning, Pinterest was one of the platforms I gave up on because I simply did not get it. That was until I stopped thinking of […]

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Why Analytics Are Crucial To Your Business

Everyone has heard of the term ‘analytics' but how many know what they are and how to use them? If you need a recap or even an insight into what they are; Analytics is information resulting from the systematic analysis of data and statistics In easier to understand terms, this is the analysis of a […]

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What Is A Mastermind Group?

I have had pretty good success with a mastermind group. In fact is was my first ever mastermind group and I am disappointed that I had not started earlier. I have had so many people asking me what is a mastermind group and I thought maybe many more people are sitting there hearing all about […]

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Why I Use Siteground For Web Hosting

Choosing a host is such an interesting topic. Some people would swear by a host and others would steer clear of them. I have my reservations about some hosts and I have had great experiences with others. Today, I want to share with you why I personally love Siteground and why I think you should […]

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9 Great Business Ideas You Can Start From Home

Everyone is looking for that perfect business idea that will free them from the shackles of their 9-5 and will lead them to a life where they can get paid to do what they love. There are some great entrepreneurial ideas out there but sometimes, the best ideas are the most simple. I like to […]

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The 6 Rules You Should Follow When Hiring A Freelancer

I remember the moment the responsibilities of my business grew and then I had to hire freelancers to help the business process run smoothly. The thing is, I could have done it all myself but the business would have suffered as most tasks would not have been completed in time. I had to make the decision to […]

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How To Use Iconosquare to Improve Your Instagram Account

I just want to note that this is not an affiliate post 🙂 Managing social media profiles for my business can be very hard and I need a tool that can help me create a strategic plan to meet all the goals I have set for my social media platform. In this instance, I am […]

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My Ultimate list of #BOSSBABES

For ages I would sit at my desk at work and wonder, ‘Isn't there more to life than this?' Work did not motivate me or inspire me. No manager wanted to take me on for a higher paying position because I never had the right skills they were looking for. I think it was then […]

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5 Tools To Help You Pick A Business Name

I don't know about you but picking a business name for some of my businesses was simply the worst and hardest task. I knew what I wanted to do, I just didn't know what I wanted to call it. There was a lot of back and forth, I would think of a good name but […]

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